Nom Nom Time is as fun as it sounds. We promise nom-nom time is not something you can expect but only imagine. 

It’s a yummy trip to be excited about every day – an awesome journey of pleasing your tummy and growing curiosity.

Sit tight and get ready to dig in with Mimi and Tito!

Tasty Set

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Munchy Set

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Slurpy Set

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Nom Nom Set

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Spillproof Cover | Microwave Safe | Dishwasher Safe

Lunch Box

Goodbye, leaky food containers.
Hello, favourite lunch buddy.

Spillproof Cover | Multi-Compartment | Dishwasher Safe

Snacky Pack

Goodbye, boring snacks.
Hello, more varieties.

Leakproof Lid | Temperature Retention | Easy To Clean

Hot Pod

Goodbye, cold takeaways.
Hello, hot & hearty meals

Leakproof Design | Temperature Retention | Easy To Clean

Ace Bottle

Goodbye, leaky bottles.
Hello, hydration buddy.

Water Resistant | Easy To Clean | Wear Resistant

Lunch Bag

Goodbye, stressful meals.
Hello, pleasant feasts.