Overflowing with potential

Bigger insulation for indoor drinking and outdoor adventures.

Heavy duty hydration

Ergonomically designed for you to carry 7.5 cups of water with ease.

Turning up the volume

At 1890ml - our bottle is designed to truly live up to the phrase: "all day" when it comes to hydration. *Objects in visual are less extreme than they appear.

A mix of both worlds

Prepare more of your favourite drinks at your next outing with almost 2 litres of hot or cold water ready to go.

Swappable cap-abilities

Choose between our Flex Cap for easy portability, or our Straw Cap for easier drinking with our interchangeable cap designs.

Your outdoor companion

Be the master of mixed drinks at your outing with hot or cold water at your disposal (or even some ice!).

Your workout buddy

Take your water breaks as seriously as your exercise routines, no matter the intensity.

Your work mate

Get more done without worrying about daily hydration or optimum water intake.