13 East Coast Park Activities To Try For An Epic Weekend. Photo by Soo Hin Yeoh.

13 East Coast Park Activities To Try For An Epic Weekend

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Don’t Miss Out On These Top East Coast Park Activities If You Want An Epic Weekend

Everybody knows of East Coast Park as one of Singapore's largest parks, and one of the top favourite recreational spots. When you think back to its scenic sandy stretch, breezy ocean waves, and well-shaded jogging path, it’s no wonder why this place is such a hit.

But did you know that that’s not all there is to Singapore’s eastern recreational stretch? This area is simply buzzing with a myriad of activities from extreme sports to cool bistros, local food courts, and even gigantic playgrounds for visitors of all ages.

So instead of keeping your reach to the four walls of the Marine Parade Mall, the usual Marina Bay, or to the sparkles of Jewel Changi Airport and Changi Jurassic Mile, check out all the fun things you simply must try at the East Coast Park's area whenever you find yourself in Singapore’s east side.

13 Things To Do At East Coast Park For A Fun And Memorable Weekend

Cycling at East Coast Park. Photo by Soo Hin Yeoh.

1. Rent Bikes Or Rollerblades And Ride Through The Park (Or Bring Your Own!)

Did you know that East Coast Park is home to one of Singapore’s longest cycling and jogging paths that measure over 15km? It’s a relatively flat terrain that allows cycling and skating enthusiasts to safely ride through without fear of traffic while getting their weekly exercise in. Not to mention that you’ll also get to enjoy the beautiful lush greenery park while feeling the sea breeze against your face!

You can either bring your own or rent a set of wheels from the many bike rental shops scattered throughout the park. The best part? The bike rental shops are typically connected so you can ride from one end of the coast to the other without returning back to the specific rental shop you started at. Just be sure to check whether you can do so in case their policy changes!

Bonus Tip: Aim to cycle or skate at the East Coast Park during early mornings or late noons to skip the main brunt of heat and humidity. Late noon would be the best time because you’ll have a chance to catch the sunset before adjourning to East Coast Lagoon Food Village for some yummy hawker fare!

Wakeboarding at Singapore Wake Park. Photo by Kaku1981

2. Go Cable Skiing Or Wakeboarding At The Singapore Wake Park

Adrenaline junkies and water sports enthusiasts simply can’t miss out on cable skiing or wakeboarding at Singapore’s only cable-ski park! You don’t need a boat because the wake park uses overhead cable systems to pull skiers and boarders across the water, and you don’t even need to own your own set of gear and equipment because you can just rent it!

Beginners can also participate because it’s in a safe, contained area with trained lifeguards and watersport coaches, making it an excellent activity if you’re looking for something different from the usual park activities. Just remember to bring your own swim gear and a change of clothing because you WILL get wet!

If you’re totally new to this activity and more on the shy side, I’d recommend going during weekday mornings so you can experience a more personalised learning session with less pressure since there are less people around at that time.

Singapore Wake Park Opening Hours: 10am - 8pm, daily

Singapore Wake Park Address: 1206A East Coast Parkway, Singapore, 449891

ECP Dog Run. Photo by Matthias Zomer.

3. Bring Your Furkids For A Run At Parkland Green Dog Run

Our four-legged best friends need to socialise and run out and about too! So why not bring your dogs for an off-leash run at the Parkland Green Dog Run? The Parkland Green Dog Run is a safe, gated and grassy enclosure for dog owners to give their pets space to exercise and socialise with other dogs, while the pawrents can socialise with other friendly pawrents too.

There are water stations around, a pet shop, and pet-friendly cafes nearby for you to hangout with your furbaby after they’ve had their fun, making this a proper pet’s-day-out for your furkids. That said, be sure to clean up after your pets to do your part in keeping this little doggie haven clean!

Parkland Green Dog Run Opening Hours: 24 hours, daily (lights off by approximately 10pm)

Parkland Green Dog Run Address: Dog Run @ 920 East Coast Parkway, Singapore, 449875 (Right next to Car Park C1, which is also the nearest car park)

Bedok Jetty fishing. Photo by Jnzl's Photos.

4. Go Fishing At The Bedok Jetty

The Bedok Jetty at East Coast Park is a popular spot for amateur and seasoned anglers to enjoy a quiet, contemplative time outdoors and of course to try their hand at catching fish! Some anglers have reported catching large stingrays here, but the local authorities have also put up a signboard of native marine life that can be caught at the Bedok Jetty.

But if you’re not too keen on fishing, you can always opt to enjoy a mini picnic at one of its many benches as you await the scenic sunset. One thing to note is that there are no fishing equipment rental services there so you’ll have to bring your own equipment!

Bedok Jetty Opening Hours: 24 hours, daily

Bedok Jetty Address: East Coast Park Service Road, Singapore, 449876

Xtreme SkatePark. Photo by SoloFJH.

5. Try Your Hand At Extreme Sports @ Xtreme SkatePark

East Coast Park’s Xtreme SkatePark is a true home to fans of skateboarding, BMX, and inline skating thanks to the fun variety of terrain it houses. You’ve got a variety of ramps, rails, steps, ledges, a wide bowl and different terrains for different runs to be attempted at the skate park, whether on your bike or your skates.

You’ll also find skating lessons being conducted especially during the weekends. But that said, it does tend to get crowded then so if you’re an advanced skater looking to test out new techniques in solitude, it’s best to head over to the skate park during weekday mornings to skip the crowd. Or you can always check out the Cyclist Park for dedicated cyclists!

Xtreme SkatePark Opening Hours: 7:30am - 10pm on Mondays to Saturdays, 24 hours on Sundays

Xtreme SkatePark Address: East Coast Park Service Road, Singapore, 449876 (Near East Coast Park Carpark F1)

JUMBO Seafood Restaurant. Photo by Choo Yut Shing.

6. Enjoy Seafood By The Sea At JUMBO Seafood, The East Coast Seafood Centre

If you’re looking for a family-friendly restaurant away from the usual food stalls for your family day outing, then you’ll want to check out JUMBO Seafood, one of the East Coast Park’s oldest restaurants. This restaurant is renowned for its chilli crab or black pepper crab and deep-fried mantao buns combination that both locals and tourists can’t get enough of.

Another thing you absolutely must try here are their cereal prawns, bamboo clam with minced garlic and vermicelli, spicy mee goreng, and seafood fried rice. Think having a seafood feast amidst the salty scent of the sea breeze - that’s what you and your whole family will be enjoying!

JUMBO Seafood Opening Hours: 11:30am - 3pm and 4:30pm - 11pm on Mondays to Fridays, 11am - 11pm on Saturdays and Sundays

JUMBO Seafood Address: 1206 ECP, #01-07/08 East Coast Seafood Centre, Singapore, 449883

Glamping at East Coast Park. Photo by Lucija Ros.

7. Experience East Coast Park Camping or Glamping By The Beach

East Coast Park is one of the few places in Singapore where public camping is allowed. So it’s no surprise that there are two dedicated camping and glamping zones at Area D and Area G for locals and tourists to enjoy a getaway without actually leaving the city. Think being lulled to sleep by the perpetual waves of the ocean or stargazing with your other half just before nodding off together in your own little tent.

Traditionalists can opt for the traditional camping experience by pitching their own tents and bringing their own camping essentials, while those who typically prefer hotels to tents can try out glamping, which is a more comfortable, luxurious option with proper beds, electricity, and sometimes air-conditioning (especially with this tropical heat and humidity!). Just remember that you'll need to apply for a camping permit before you start pitching your tents!

Picnic at East Coast Park. Photo by Helena Lopes.

8. Enjoy A Classic East Coast Beach Picnic

If you’ve been dreaming of a beachside picnic without wanting to make the long journey to Sentosa Island, how about having your picnic at East Coast Park? Beach picnics here are a relaxing and enjoyable affair for groups of friends, couples, and families thanks to the park’s extensive coastline and numerous picnic spots.

So head on over during the earlier hours of the morning or late afternoon for a relaxing beach picnic. My personal favourite time is late afternoon because that’s when you’ll get a chance to catch the sunset!

Marine Cove Playground. Photo by Go Green.

9. Bring The Kids To The Marine Cove Playground Or Coastal Playgrove

Struggling to think of how to keep your little ones entertained during the weekend that does not involve screen time? Go back to the tried and true basics by bringing them to the Marine Cove Playground or Coastal Playgrove at East Coast Park!

The Marine Cove Playground is a fantastic palace for toddlers to older children to enjoy outdoor fun with its giant play tower, slides, and swings. On the other hand, you have the Coastal Playgrove which is popular for its vertical play tower, nature play garden, and water play area, which is perfect for older tweens who enjoy more adventurous play (especially during hot days!).

Coastal Playgrove. Photo by Khairul Anwar.

It’s best to visit during early mornings or evenings because the playground equipment tends to be really hot during midday. Especially so for the metal slides of the Marine Cove Playground! And don’t forget to pack water for your little ones in the Montigo Ace Bottle Mini or some snacks and a fruit or two in the Montigo Snacky Pack to keep your little ones from getting hungry!

BBQ Party at East Coast Park. Photo by Stephanie McCabe.

10. Host A BBQ Party

No chance to enjoy a BBQ at home or at your HDB’s void deck? Then host a fun BBQ party at East Coast Park and gather your friends or family around for some yummy barbecue delights! East Coast Park is home to designated BBQ pits surrounded by concrete benches and tables that can be booked weeks in advance, making it the perfect space for social gatherings, celebrations, or just a plain ol’ good time with your buddies.

Some of the best BBQ pit locations in East Coast Park are BBQ pits number 7 to 9 as you have toilets nearby along with a Starbucks for shelter just in case there’s a sudden downpour. One important thing to note is that you’ll have to bring your own BBQ mesh and charcoals to cook on, so don’t forget that!

Kayaking at ECP. Photo by Ladyfern Photos.

11. Try Kayaking, Stand Up Paddling, Or Windsurfing In The Open Sea

Always wanted to try a sea sport but never got around to it? Then it’s time to have that dream fulfilled by trying out kayaking, stand up paddling or windsurfing with PAssion Wave or the Aloha Sea Sports Centre at East Coast Park! These centres offer various lessons in sea sport activities that newcomers can safely try under the watchful eyes of a trained coach.

But before you get too excited and buy your own gear for any of these water sports, hold your horses. You can rent and try out a lesson in any of those sports before committing to the one you enjoy the most!

Bougainvillea Garden foliage. Photo by Jovis Tan.

12. Stop And Smell The Flowers At The Bougainvillea Garden

The Bougainvillea Garden is a beautiful garden with a large lookout point found at the far eastern end of the East Coast Park. It’s one of the quieter parts of East Coast Park since it’s far from the park’s happening spots. 

A relaxing stroll through the park will take you through eye catching flower bushes, walls and walls of bougainvillaeas in various colours, and a panoramic view of East Coast Park and the ocean at the highest point of the lookout structure.

Bougainvillea Garden at East Coast Park. Photo by Vincent Khoo.

I’d highly recommend this little spot to those looking for a serene and quiet place to relax away from the city’s hustle and bustle, or away from the busier sections of the park. It also makes a rather romantic date spot during the later part of noon, so you may want to consider bringing your significant other here for a change in environment! ;)

Bougainvillea Garden Opening Hours: 24 hours, daily

Bougainvillea Garden Address: 1300 East Coast Park, Singapore, 468964

Raintree Cove iconic pink swings. Photo by Zhihai Ng.

13. Swing Your Worries Away At Raintree Cove

The simple play area of Raintree Cove is a lesser-known spot within East Coast Park that features vibrant pink swings that both adults and children can enjoy. It’s a charming little spot that regularly sees individuals looking to unwind over conversations with friends, just like how we used to talk to our buddies as kids while playing on the swing.

This spot is best visited during early morning or late noon as the seats tend to get pretty hot during midday - we don’t want burning butts here!

Extra Tip: Visit the KPMG Wellness Garden for another underrated serene area to exercise and relax.

Raintree Cove Opening Hours: 24 hours, daily

Raintree Cove Address: 1018 East Coast Park, Raintree Cove S, Singapore, 449877