Top 23 Fun Couple Activities In Singapore For Amazing Dates

Top 23 Fun Couple Activities In Singapore For Amazing Dates

Looking To Ignite Or Refuel Your Romantic Life? Then Make Your Next Date An Amazing One With These Top Exciting Couple Activities In Singapore!

Most of us would immediately think of quiet strolls with hands interlocked or dinner and movies when it comes to dates. That’s why many couples experience moments where the spark dims, and the rush of excitement that was naturally present during the early dating days fades.

Thankfully we’re in the ever bustling metropolis of Singapore, where contrary to what most think, is home to exciting activities that will breathe life back into quality time between you and your beau. There’s never a dull moment here!

So skip the usual dinner date nights, high school-esque void deck first dates, and give Netflix and chill a pass. Read on to discover the top exciting activities and fun date ideas for couples in Singapore for an amazing date that both of you will remember for the years to come!

Top 23 Super Fun Date Ideas In Singapore For Couples To Enjoy A Memorable & Exciting Time Together

Art Jamming in Rage Room style. Photo by Splat Paint House.

1. Art Jamming Date Night, But Rage Room Style

There’s the classic paint and sip, and there’s the more bombastic art jam in true rage room fashion. Art jamming in this case involves throwing paint on canvases of walls while listening to pumped up music to create abstract art in colours and styles of your desire.

It’s just the thing for couples to connect while expressing themselves, especially after a long week of responsibilities and work! Couples can release stress and really engage in fun, unhinged communication while fostering a sense of teamwork while creating a work of art together. 

Art jamming is definitely one of the best date ideas to let the creative juices flow. Try it at an art studio like Splat Paint House or Spin Paint House!

Cooking class at Commune Kitchen Cooking School. Photo by Commune Kitchen - Cooking School.

2. Join A Cooking Class 

Why leave cooking to one or the other when you can both join in on the joys of cooking with a cooking class? Learn to prepare and cook various delicious food or bake an elaborate cake under the guidance of a professional chef.

Joining a cooking class together really encourages communication because of the teamwork at play. It’s also somewhat an intimate activity where couples can learn a new skill and enjoy it beyond the class. Cooking classes are best done during the day, but you can also plan out an evening cooking class followed by a romantic dinner for the perfect date night!

Underwater Staycation at Resorts World Sentosa. Photo by Resorts World Sentosa.Underwater Staycation at Resorts World Sentosa. Photo by Resorts World Sentosa.

3. Luxurious Date Idea - Underwater Staycation at Resorts World Sentosa

You don’t have to fly all the way to Mauritius to experience a night in an underwater resort. You can do it right here in one of Resorts World Sentosa’s Equarius Ocean Suites! Think staying in a plush suite with a floor-to-ceiling length window that looks straight into a massive aquarium where you and your significant other can watch sharks, manta rays, and fishes in comfort.

An underwater staycation is definitely one of the top romantic date ideas that offer couples a tranquil and mesmerising escapade from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Can you think of any other serene, romantic getaway that fosters intimacy in a truly dreamy setting?

Cycling by the beach at West Coast Park. Photo by Neha Sarda.

4. Cycle Or Rollerblade Together By The Beach

Always felt envious of rom-coms showing couples cycling excitedly by the coast? Well it’s time to grab your s/o and head over to East Coast Park or West Coast Park (whichever is closer to you) and rent a bicycle or your favourite type of skates and enjoy coasting through the beach together!

This particular outdoor activity is a fun date idea that gets you both much needed exercise while spending quality time together in a healing environment. I’d recommend going during the early hours of the morning or late noon when the weather is much cooler and less crowded. If you’re lucky, you may even catch the sunset!

Bonus Tip: Remember to keep your bikes and skates away from the sand - else you may get stuck!

Fort Canning Park. Photo by Joshua Tsu.

5. Unwind With A Romantic Picnic

Instead of staying in with food and keeping your eyes glued to the screens, how about treating both your eyes to nature with one another while enjoying delicious packed meals? Picnicking is an intimate date idea for couples to enjoy each other’s company in a peaceful setting that encourages conversation and connection.

The best part? You don’t even need much to do it! It can be as affordable or as expensive as you want it to depending on your food and drink choices. All you have to do is pick a relaxing picnic spot, pack yummy dishes from your favourite restaurants or pack a homemade meal, head on over to the picnic spot and relax together! Some of my personal favourite picnic spots include the Fort Canning Park and the Marina Barrage near Marina Bay Sands.

Sky dining, quite possibly an unforgettable romantic first date. Photo by Mount Faber Leisure.

6. Go Sky Dining In A Cable Car 

Did you know that you and your significant other can enjoy a romantic meal served within a cable car cabin that is suspended up in the air? Sky dining in a cable car is one of the top, next level kind of date ideas in Singapore that combines the excitement of aerial dining, only in a more comfortable indoor setting with panoramic views.

It’s best done in the evening with a special occasion so you and your partner can enjoy stunning sights of the Singapore skyline’s nightly sparkle - which also creates a romantic backdrop for dinner dates. Book your dining reservations a week or two in advance with Mount Faber’s Cable Car Sky Dining and surprise your better half!

Mini golf at Kulnari Mystery Golf. Photo by Kulnari Mystery Golf.

7. Mini Golf

The full golf experience may be a costly one, but not this one! Mini golf, also known as putt-putt, is a scaled-down version of golf where players aim to hit a ball into a small hole through the various obstacles and challenges that line the way.

Spark friendly competition between you and your other half while learning how to navigate through the golf courses together. For a fun challenge with a hint of thrill, check out Kulnari Mystery Golf for a themed putt-putt experience with a touch of murder mystery! Just make sure to book your slot with them a couple of days ahead as it gets highly popular during the weekends.

Pulau Ubin coast. Photo by Visit Singapore.

8. Explore The Great Outdoors @ Pulau Ubin

Outdoor adventuring in Pulau Ubin involves exploring one of Singapore’s last remaining rural areas. Couples can depart for Pulau Ubin via the Changi Point Ferry Terminal to partake in fun activities such as kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, and of course, a simple and relaxing walk through the island’s trails.

It’s one of the more adventurous date ideas that brings couples away from Singapore’s concrete jungle to unwind and connect amidst the peace of nature. It’s best to head there early in the morning to avoid the midday heat - this is also the perfect time for photography lovers to capture stunning visuals in the morning sun!

Timezone arcade at Vivocity. Photo by Timezone

9. Challenge Each Other To Retro Arcade Games

Couples who reminisce about the lively beeping sounds of retro gaming machines and enjoy modern day games will certainly enjoy a fun day out at the arcade. Challenge your other half to fun racing arcade games or classics like air hockey, while PUBG lovers can enjoy competitive retro shooting games like Time Crisis and more.

Arcade gaming is definitely one of the most nostalgic date ideas for couples to have fun in its purest form, just like how little kids do. The best arcades to do so include Timezone at VivoCity and Cow Play Cow Moo at Suntec City, but plan your arcade date during the weekdays if you prefer a more intimate session.

Bonus Tip: Some arcades have a mini photo studios where couples can capture fun self photo studio shots!

Science Centre Singapore Observatory. Photo by Choo Yut Shing.

10. Experience Stargazing At The Science Centre Singapore

City-dwellers often find it tough to see stars in the night sky because of Singapore’s bright skyscrapers. That’s where Singapore’s Science Centre comes in with their famed telescopes and guided tours of the observatory!

Going stargazing at the Science Centre Singapore is a serene, romantic activity that offers couples a peaceful and awe-inspiring experience of viewing the universe’s vast beauty. So if you’ve been searching for a unique date idea that encourages deep conversations with a sense of wonder and shared discovery, this is it.

Perfume making. Photo by Anna Shvets.

11. Create A Bespoke Perfume Unique To Your Relationship

Jewellery may be a timeless form of creating a lasting memento for your relationship, but how about exploring something more unique, like creating your very own scent that is unique solely to your relationship?

The act of creating your very own perfume blend is now one of the most unique date ideas in Singapore couples can enjoy for a multi-sensory experience. It involves blending different scents and oils through a guided workshop to create a personalised fragrance that reflects your unique preferences and memories.

You can check out perfumeries like Maison 21G and Sifr Aromatics to plan and create your own scent or two for a truly memorable date.

Cocktail making at play. Photo by Q. Hung Pham.

12. Channel Your Inner Mixologists In A Cocktail Making Workshop

Cocktails are no longer only for the fairer sex - the art of cocktail making it a delicate act of balancing flavours using mixology tools to mix delicious alcoholic beverages. Curious couples will also enjoy the titbit of history behind classic cocktails we know and love like the Cosmopolitan and Long Island Iced Tea.

Joining a cocktail making workshop is a fun and interactive experience where couples can socialise with others. Some lucky couples may even get to know others for a future double date! So instead of heading to the latest cocktail bar to grace Singapore’s streets, how about joining a fun cocktail making workshop to make your next date night an enjoyably boozy and possibly romantic date for both you and your other half?

Couple enjoying a VR game together. Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko.

13. Test Your Teamwork With VR Gaming

If your other half loves spending hours gaming on Steam or their gaming consoles, how about joining them in a game that even you can enjoy? Virtual reality (VR) gaming involves wearing virtual reality headsets to play games in a simulated environment. 

These games include shooting your way through zombies in a haunted fortress, experiencing a VR escape room adventure, or even racing in supercars of your choice! The best part? This indoor sport can be enjoyed anytime even during rainy days - all you have to do is book your slots a day or two in advance at your nearest VR centre like Virtual Room Singapore in Chinatown to enjoy hours of fun together!

Airzone ball pit. Photo by Airzone Singapore.

14. Enjoy Fun, Carefree Days Once Again In A Suspended Maze

When life’s heavy responsibilities get to you or your partner, take some time off and relive the joys of childhood once again in a suspended maze within a playground up in the air. 

Airzone, the world’s very first suspended indoor atrium net playground, offers kids and adults adrenaline-pumping and exciting activities within its suspended net playground and maze for hours of fun. Navigate through net bridges, swings, and swim through ball pits that are all high above ground. 

While I wouldn’t recommend this for those with a great fear of heights, couples who seek to conquer that fear and enjoy moments of silly giggling with their significant other over a unique date should give this one a try!

Couple paddle boarding during sunset. Photo by Trarete.

15. Go Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Active couples who prefer having aquatic fun ought to give stand-up paddle boarding a try. This activity involves standing on a large surf-like board while using a paddle to move through water. It’s a popular water sport that tests your balance, strength, and endurance.

Not only will you and your significant other get to enjoy the outdoors while getting in some exercise, stand-up paddle boarding is also a peaceful way to explore the scenic waters of Singapore!

The Ola Beach Club on Sentosa Island is a particularly stunning place to experience stand-up paddle boarding especially during early morning or late afternoon to avoid the brunt of the heat. Not forgetting how couples can also enjoy some siesta time with a cold beverage and yummy snacks at the beach club after paddle boarding!

Universal Studios Singapore Battlestar Galactica. Photo by Jackson Tee.

16. Get A Rush Of Adrenaline With Universal Studios Singapore’s Thrilling Rides

Make a day trip to Universal Studios Singapore (USS) and enjoy the myriad of thrill rides, shows, and attractions based on popular movies and television series. This is the one place where you can scream out loud without judgement on exciting rides like Battlestar Galactica’s Human vs Cylon (the Cylon is my personal favourite when I’m craving a greater adrenaline rush!), the cinematic 3D Transformers ride, and Revenge of the Mummy.

After all the adrenaline rush from the rides, spend some time watching the parades if you’re there on the weekends, or enjoy a leisurely walk around while snacking on a giant churro or roasted turkey leg. That said, if you want to skip the often crowded queue for the rides, it’s best to head over during the weekdays, or spend a little more on priority passes to skip the bulk of the queue!

Playing board games at a board game cafe. Photo by Egidijus Bielskis.

17. Go Back To The Classics At A Board Game Cafe

Looking for a more quiet time that stimulates the mind while having fun together? Visit a board game cafe and take your pick from a wide selection of classic and modern board games over food and drinks!

Visiting a board game cafe is one of the top laid-back date ideas in Singapore. Couples and friend groups get to enjoy fun and interactive games such as Exploding Kittens, more strategic games that test how solid your relationship is like Catan, and even slightly morbid ones for those who appreciate dark humour like Cards Against Humanity. 

Not forgetting the classics like Dungeons and Dragons and Magic: The Gathering for those who have been in the field for years! Board game cafes like The Mind Cafe at Dhoby Ghaut are known for hosting board game nights and sessions where beginners and board game veterans can join in for some good ol’ fun.

Hydrodash floating obstacle course. Photo by Hydrodash.

18. Be Aquatic Ninjas Together On A Floating Obstacle Course At HydroDash

Having watched American Ninja Warrior, I sometimes find myself wishing I could partake in the obstacle courses faced by the participants. They look incredibly exciting! The best part is how Singaporeans can now enjoy a similar obstacle course with HydroDash, Singapore’s first and only floating aqua park.

You and your better half can challenge each other through climbs, slides, and jumps on inflatable structures above water, racing against one another to see who is the more agile and nimble one. Or, you could both take on the challenge and work together against the obstacle course - it’s entirely up to the both of you!

Couples viewing a tortoise at Singapore's Night Safari. Photo by Night Safari Singapore Zoo.

19. Have An Adventurous Date Night At The Night Safari

Get a glimpse into the lives of nocturnal animals through a guided tram ride or walk the dark trails of the Singapore Zoo’s Night Safari with your favourite person for a thrilling yet informative date. The Night Safari offers couples a mysterious and romantic ambiance that is truly different from typical daytime zoo visits.

Couples can expect a rather quiet and intimate experience because visitors are encouraged to keep volume to a minimum amidst the naturally quiet nature of nocturnal animals. It’s perhaps one of the best date ideas in Singapore for couples who enjoy nature and are wildlife enthusiasts that doesn’t include hiking!

Kayak fishing tour with Fever Kayak Adventures. Photo by Fever Kayak.

20. Join A Kayak Fishing Tour

Kayak fishing is an exciting activity that combines kayaking and fishing - two activities that most would have in their bucket list to try at least once! Here, you and your partner can paddle in tandem with other participants, or paddle in individual kayaks to reach fishing spots that are typically inaccessible by larger boats and catch your own fish.

It’s one of the most unique and serene date ideas in Singapore that’ll allow couples to connect with nature and each other in a tranquil setting, while enjoying a sense of adventure to spice things up. To enjoy this experience, check out Fever Kayak Adventures for their kayak fishing programmes and book up to a week ahead to secure your next date activity!

Couple in an escape room. Photo by Trapped Escape Room Singapore.

21. Challenge An Escape Room Together

Imagine being locked in a room with your partner with no physical key to escape, but only riddles and puzzles that provide clues and hints to set you both free. Welcome to the escape room, lovebirds!

Escape rooms are physical adventure games that lock you and your partner in a room which forces you both to solve a series of puzzles and riddles within a set time limit to escape. It’s a true test of teamwork and communication to problem-solve your way out. 

Can you think of any other game that strengthens your relationship by encouraging you both to work together under pressure? Check out Trapped at Centrepoint or Lost SG Escape Room at Selegie Road to try it out today!

Romantic stroll by the beach. Photo by peter almario.

22. Go On A Romantic Stroll Along The Coast 

If rollerblading or picnics aren’t your thing and you’d like something more relaxing, carve out a quiet evening to go on a romantic stroll along the coast at the Changi Point Coastal Walk or East Coast Park. Relax and unwind together with the fresh sea breeze and tranquil sound of the ocean waves as you enjoy a heart to heart talk away from the distractions of daily life.

Tip: Romantic strolls by the beach are one of Singapore's top free date ideas for those who are looking for affordable options! Just pack a cool beverage or two in your Montigo Knights Tumbler or Montigo Ace Bottle to stay cool on humid evenings!

Rage room date at the Fragment Room. Photo by The Fragment Room SG.

23. Visit A Rage Room

If your significant other struggles to release pent up stress, how about bringing them to a rage room like the Fragment Room? Rage rooms are safe spaces where one can smash, break, and destroy objects like electronics, glassware, ceramics, and furniture with tools like crowbars and hammers to release stress and have fun breaking things without any repercussions.

You and your partner will enjoy its cathartic benefits thanks to the liberation of pent-up stress and emotions in a controlled environment - which may actually bring you two closer than ever!