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For Him Bundle - Ace Bottle 950ml (32oz)/Sense Coffee Cup 340ml (12oz)

Black 32oz/Timberwood 12oz
Dark Blue 32oz/Frozen 12oz
Beige 32oz/Charcoal 12oz
Black 32oz/Pea 12oz
Blue Steel 32oz/Buttercream 12oz

Size Guide

Ace Bottle

950ml (32oz)

Weight: 431g
Height: 23.5cm
Mouth Diameter: 5.6cm
Bottom Diameter: 9.0cm

Sense Coffee Cup

340ml (12oz)

Weight: 214g
Height: 14.8cm
Mouth Diameter: 8.8cm
Bottom Diameter: 7.0cm

Help him stay on top of his game! Our Sense Coffee Cup kick-starts his morning with a cuppa and our Ace Bottle keeps him hydrated all day. It also comeswith a free interchangeable Spout Lid to use during sports! 

Keep beverages cool up to 18 hours with our Ace Bottle and warm up to 4 hours with our Sense Coffee Cup.

Ace Bottle Spout Lid

Our Spout Lid is designed to provide you with maximum water flow and convenient one-handed drinking during sports and outdoor activities. This anchored twist-cap comes with a secured seal to ensure that it is leak-proof. It is made of BPA/BPS free material for your daily usage and it is safe to be used with cold or hot beverages. 

For Him Bundle

The perfect bundle that’ll keep him happy and hydrated!

Hydrate on the go

Make sure he stays hydrated wherever he goes with our leak-proof Ace Bottle. Cold or warm, he can have his drink however he likes it!

Always on track

No matter how busy his day gets, he can still enjoy a perfect cup of coffee with our thermoregulated Sense Coffee Cup.