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For Her Bundle - Ace Bottle 530ml (18oz)/ Sense Coffee Cup 340ml (12oz)

Sunset Coral 18oz/Frozen 12oz
Dark Blue 18oz/Candycorn 12oz
Stone Grey 18oz/Gingerbread 12oz
Pink Mauve 18oz/Buttercream 12oz
Lavender 18oz/Buttercream 12oz

Size Guide

Ace Bottle

530ml (18oz)

Weight: 310g
Height: 20.2cm
Mouth Diameter: 5.6cm
Bottom Diameter: 7.2cm

Sense Coffee Cup

340ml (12oz)

Weight: 214g
Height: 14.8cm
Mouth Diameter: 8.8cm
Bottom Diameter: 7.0cm

Our Ace Bottle and Sense Coffee Cup is made for her. Coffee in one hand, water in another, the perfect pair to get her day going.

Keep beverages cool up to 18 hours with our Ace Bottle and warm up to 4 hours with our Sense Coffee Cup.

Ace Bottle Spout Lid

Our Spout Lid is designed to provide you with maximum water flow and convenient one-handed drinking during sports and outdoor activities. This anchored twist-cap comes with a secured seal to ensure that it is leak-proof. It is made of BPA/BPS free material for your daily usage and it is safe to be used with cold or hot beverages.

For Her Bundle

The perfect bundle that’ll keep her happy and hydrated!

No mess, no worries

With our leak-proof Ace Bottle, she doesn’t have to worry about wet stains ruining her bag. Best of all, she gets to enjoy her drink cold or warm throughout the day.

Coffee, tea, and everything in between

Whatever drink she’s craving, she can keep it fresh in our spill-proof Sense Coffee Cup.