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The Fitness Bundle - Ace Bottle 950ml (32oz)/Ease Bottle 750ml (25oz)

Lavender 32oz/Pea 25oz
Dark Blue 32oz/Charcoal 25oz
Pink 32oz/Frozen 25oz
White 32oz/Charcoal 25oz
Dark Blue 32oz/Timberwood 25oz

Size Guide

Ace Bottle

950ml (32oz)

Weight: 431g
Height: 23.5cm
Mouth Diameter: 5.6cm
Bottom Diameter: 9.0cm

Ease Bottle

750ml (25oz)

Weight: 310g
Height: 28.0cm
Mouth Diameter: 3.9cm
Bottom Diameter: 7.2cm

Our Ace Bottle and Ease Bottle provides long-lasting hydration to fuel all kinds of sports and outdoor activities. It’s also the perfect travel companion for jet setters!

Keep beverages cool up to 18 hours and warm up to 12 hours. 

The Fitness Bundle

The perfect bundle that’ll keep your loved one happy and hydrated!

One bottle, two lids

Our Ace Bottle comes with a free interchangeable Spout Lid for convenient one-handed drinking during sports and outdoor activities.

Travel around with ease

Stay hydrated anytime, anywhere! Our lightweight Ease Bottle is easy to carry and great for a long day of adventures.