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The Coffee Lover Bundle - Sense Coffee Cup 340ml (12oz)/King’s Cup 290ml (10oz)

Buttercream 12oz/Purple 10oz
Timberwood 12oz/Dark Blue 10oz
Candycorn 12oz/Red 10oz
Gingerbread 12oz/Black 10oz
Frozen 12oz/Light Blue 10oz

Size Guide


290ml (10oz)

Weight: 314g
Height: 11.0cm
Mouth Diameter: 8.2cm
Bottom Diameter: 8.2cm

Sense Cup

340ml (12oz)

Weight: 214g
Height: 14.8cm
Mouth Diameter: 8.8cm
Bottom Diameter: 7.0cm

Is coffee their love language? Our Sense Coffee Cup is perfect for coffee on-the-go and our King’s Cup is perfect for home-brewed coffee.

Keep beverages cool up to 9 hours with our King’s Cup and warm up to 4 hours with our Sense Coffee Cup.

The Coffee Lover Bundle

The perfect bundle that’ll keep your loved one happy and hydrated!

Fits perfectly in car cup holders

Our Sense Coffee Cup has a spill-proof, screw-in, lockable lid. No need to worry about spilling coffee in bumpy car rides!

The perfect companion

From drinking morning coffee to sipping relaxing tea at night, the King’s Cup is there through it all!